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Job Seeking Strategy

The engineering sector can be quite difficult to break into so do not set your expectations too high and look for immediate outcomes. You will need to prepare for the many challenges that present themselves. There are only a small number of specialist recruiters in the engineering field and we recommend only engaging with a small number of these as essentially everybody has access to similar jobs on the marketplace at any one time.

Try not register with more than 2 or 3 specialist agencies as you run the risk of your CV being sent to employers without your permission and this could reflect badly on you. Only register with agencies that specialise in your specific area of expertise as this is where employers will go when they are looking for staff. Do not blanket apply for jobs online on job boards or apply for jobs you are not qualified for as this will lower your standing in the eyes of the consultants reviewing your application. If in doubt pick up the phone and speak to the consultant whose name is on the job posting.

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